Our Group

The Seattle “Jewish Meditation Group” is committed to sharing the practice of meditation rooted in Jewish tradition with Jews of all backgrounds, regardless of previous experience.

Jewish Meditation sits apart from other meditative practices in that it is not an end in itself, but rather serves as a gateway to deepening our personal relationship with our Creator.

Its methodologies, going back to the time of the Prophets, were further illuminated by the Kabbalistic Masters of 16th century Tzfat and the Chassidic Masters of 18th century Eastern Europe. Our group explores the dimensions of these different meditative methods through practice and learning.

We meet in a private residence in Seward Park Tuesday evenings at 7:30 PM and in the great tradition of Eastern European meditation, we end each gathering with hot potato kugel.

We invite you to join us.

Rabbi Brody

shmuel_aboutThe Jewish Meditation Group is led by Rabbi Shmuel Brody. Rabbi Shmuel Brody grew up in Silver Spring, MD and is currently the Rabbi for Congregation “Ashreichem Yisrael” also known as the Kehilla.

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